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Dec 21, 2021

Christmas is just around the corner! On today’s episode, we’ll be discussing some of the things we can do as a gift to ourselves when it comes to retirement planning and our finances. 

Don’t Overreact to the Headlines 

Headlines come in a variety of forms. Make sure you aren’t overreacting to what you hear or read on the news. Particularly if it’s political or financial. Stay calm within yourself and make sure you are looking at things from a clear perspective. A lot of financial news is designed to get an emotional response from you. 

Look for More Donation Opportunities 

If you are charitably inclined, donating can be a tax-efficient opportunity. There are a lot of chances to help the poor, to help foster care, and more. No one is ever hurt by giving to a qualified charity. If you have a giving heart this is a great way to give back to the world. 

Share Your Knowledge and Listen to More Episodes

If you are working with a financial advisor or if you’ve learned some helpful tips about planning for retirement this year, make sure you share your knowledge! This isn’t about stock advice but about sharing good resources. You probably know a lot of people that are facing big financial decisions, help them become a little more financially literate. It’s also a great time to go back and listen to more episodes of this podcast to refresh your own financial literacy. 

Think About Legacy Planning 

As we gather with our families this year think about your legacy plan. Is your will in place? Will you need a trust? Have you put in your power of attorney? Think about this for your own financial well-being and for your family. Sometimes people forget legacy planning is an ongoing process. You need to keep your plan updated.

We appreciate the year you have spent with us. Thank you for listening and sending in your questions. We wish you a Merry Christmas! 


Resources for Giving:


What we discuss in this episode:

1:28 – Trip to California during Christmas

6:29 – Don’t overreact to the headlines

8:42 – Look for more donation opportunities

11:10 – Share your knowledge

14:01 – Listen to more episodes

14:28 – Think about legacy planning


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