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Ep 364: Understanding Tax Allocations

Jul 28, 2022

Are you worried about taxes, particularly in retirement? Preparing for the tax bill now can save you a lot more in the future. On today’s episode, we are going to explore some common questions we get regarding taxes and break down some advice for saving on taxes.

What accounts are taxable?

Taxable income will come...

Jul 21, 2022

Let’s put retirement planning and preparation under the microscope. On today’s episode, we’re going to do a retirement planning pop quiz. Follow along and test your retirement planning skills and knowledge!

At what age should you start saving for retirement?

A. When you begin working

B. After you buy your first...

Jul 14, 2022

Today, we’re opening up the mailbag and answering some retirement questions we get from our listeners and clients.

George says he has all of his retirement savings in one IRA. Should he move some of that money elsewhere to be diversified?

Since we don’t know how close George is to retirement and what his risk...

Ep 361: Surviving a Recession

Jul 7, 2022

We hope you all had a great Fourth of July! Whether you are in retirement or you are getting close to retirement, the current market volatility may be worrying you. GDP hasn’t grown for a second-quarter indicating we are probably entering a recession. Is your retirement plan built well enough to withstand the...