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Jul 8, 2021

The idea of retirement planning is one that comes to fruition over the course of many, many years, and it’s always a wonderful thing to see.

That’s why we wanted to share the story of someone we know, who we’ll call Beth on this episode. She’s someone that we spoke to recently about the life her and her husband built through planning and thoughtful execution, but it all began when she created a vision for retirement at a very young age.

On this episode, we’ll share Beth’s story and use it to show you how a proper plan can take care of your family throughout retirement. As we go through it, you’ll hear about the three steps she took.

First, Beth laid out goals early on to not repeat the lifestyle she had growing up. But it wasn’t just a focus on her working years but also life in retirement. That’s where the vision is created. Then she determined how much income she would need and identified the sources for that income. And then she selected a lifestyle that she wanted to live in retirement so that she could create a plan to get her there.

It’s a great story and one that we hope will both inform and inspire.

Check out the full episode or use the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

1:24 – Story about Beth

4:15 – Reflection

7:20 – Features of a retirement plan

10:04 – Let’s outline what Beth did

12:16 – Desire for retirement income

14:30 – Selecting a retirement style


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