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Dec 30, 2020

In order for us to determine the direction we want to go with retirement planning, we’ve learned that it’s important to first get an idea of what we want our retirement lifestyle to look like. Everyone pictures something different and knowing that helps us build a plan that you can have confidence in.

On this episode of My Smart Retirement, Nancy Fleming will take you through six different retirement lifestyles that we commonly see clients choose. There are a few things to be thinking about as you go through this episode. If you’re in retirement, how is your lifestyle going? Are there any tweaks that you’d like to make?

If you’re getting close to retirement but haven’t stopped working yet, have you thought about how you want to spend all that extra time? Now is the chance to be thinking through that and envisioning what that lifestyle will look like without the stress of work.

With those things in mind, let’s look through the popular lifestyles for Arizona retirees that we’ll discuss.

Two-Location Solution

The first lifestyle we commonly see for people in our area is having two separate residences in different parts of the country. Maybe you want to spend the summer in a little cooler location or another place you really enjoy. The heat in Arizona isn’t for everyone so we work with a lot of clients that leave for a portion of the year. One way to get an idea if you like this lifestyle is to rent for a while in an area you think you’d like to live.

RV Life

The next lifestyle is the RV life. Some people choose to travel the country and see as much as they can at their own pace. They do that by living out of an RV for an extended period as they experience all the great things the country has to offer. This also gives people a chance to get a better idea of where they’d like to live in retirement so once they get off the road they decide to settle down.

Front Porch People

Some people are really happy with the home life and enjoy the activities they have around them. They don’t have drive to get up and be on the go all the time. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re just sipping tea in a swing on the front porch, just that you won’t have as much travel to factor in.

College Town Living

Whether you want to continue learning or be close to a college or university that’s special to you, this is a lifestyle that you might consider. It allows you to be close to the action, whether it be concerts or sporting events or even top hospitals for medical care.

Living on the Water

Everyone knows that Florida and its beaches is always a popular retirement destination, but we have a lot of people in Arizona that love visiting the California coast for vacations. Maybe this is something you want to make more of a permanent thing in retirement.

Active Lifestyles

A lot of people just want to make sure they stay active in retirement, which is a great thing. This could typically include going to a good gym, playing golf a few times a week, or playing the growing sport of Pickleball

Passion for Giving

Something we see a lot of people devote their time to is helping others. They’ve had a passion for giving or volunteering but haven’t always had the free time to do as much as they’d like. Retirement is a great time to find a charity or a cause that is close to your heart and make that a core part of your daily life.

Whichever you choose, Fleming Financial Services can help you build a retirement plan that gets you to your preferred destination and lifestyle.


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Use the timestamps below to hear a specific segment:

0:34 – What we mean by retirement lifestyle

2:45 – Living two different locations through the year

4:58 – RV life

6:48 – Front Porch People

7:51 – College Town Living

9:10 – Living on the Water

10:06 – An Active Lifestyle

11:00 – Passion for Giving

13:55 – Let’s answer a question we’ve been getting a lot about Social Security