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Dec 11, 2020

The biggest fear that anyone has for retirement is running out of money. No one wants to be forced to work if they’d prefer not to, and that’s where income planning comes in.

You might be surprised to know that less than half of all people are financially literate when it comes to retirement. Most people aren’t clued in on all the different aspects of planning and it can cause a lack of confidence in your financial future. But it’s not the individual’s fault. It just means more education is need and that’s the goal for this podcast.

After all, education is crucial to proper planning because we can base our decisions on correct information. There are a dozen different areas of planning and that requires advisors to spend time with their clients and help them understand the benefits and risks for every decision they make.

You’ll find that our process for planning is more extensive than most, but our goal is to give each client a sense of ownership in their plan. And that’s done by making sure they are looped in on each piece of the plan and why it’s a part of the overall process.

We’ll provide a couple examples on the show of times where mistakes can be made if you don’t have a complete understanding of an investment and how we worked with them to improve their situation.

Income planning is such a big piece to a successful retirement so let us help you build a portfolio that will provide you with the life you want to live. Give us a call us 480-632-8770 and let’s start putting a plan together.

Use the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

2:00 – Why we’re talking retirement income

3:55 – Income literacy

5:12 – This is why having a planner is important

6:55 – How we help give you a sense of ownership in your plan

7:58 – Example of a client not fully understanding an investment

9:16 – The benefit of behavioral coaching

12:03 – 12 areas of retirement planning

13:32 – Our process is more extensive than most

15:44 – A lot of income considerations


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