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Feb 23, 2023

The Arizona Corporation Commission’s Securities Division released a warning to investors this month about self-directed IRAs, and it’s something that we immediately read through and processed.


In this episode, we’re going to give you the details in the alert and help you better understand what you need to be aware of. If this is an account you have or are thinking about opening, then you want to have all the information available to help you make the best decisions possible.


The self-directed IRA isn’t like a regular IRA. This product allows you to store other types of assets like real estate, promissory notes, precious metals, and other investments. When you’re dealing with this type of IRA, you increase the possibility of something not being legitimate and you incur additional risk beyond normal IRA investing.


The alert, which you can read here, makes points out a handful of risks you need to be aware of:


  • You are solely responsible for evaluating and understanding the investments.
  • There will be a lack of information and liquidity in these IRAs.
  • These are considered high-risk investment options.
  • This might be a fertile ground for fraud.
  • There are complex tax rules that you need to know about.


Join us as we break down this alert for Arizonans and provide an update on the latest inflation and monetary policies.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • Nancy’s feeling about all the monetary spending and inflation policies happening in Arizona. (3:21)
  • What concerns Nancy most with the recent inflation reports. (7:23)
  • Details on the five points in the self-directed IRA alert.   (10:19)
  • How can you avoid these risks if you have or want to have a self-directed IRA?  (20:30)


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