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Nov 23, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving! As we enter the holiday season, we start to think of traditions more and more often. Maybe you always made cookies with your grandmother or perhaps she told you stories about the Mayflower on Thanksgiving. On today's episode, we are going to talk about the first pilgrims and their voyage. How did they face the unknown with such bravery? What can we learn from these stories today?

There are probably many reasons the first pilgrims decided to come to America. Maybe it was economic or spiritual, or a mix of both. It seemed like a pretty risky move to brave the unknowns. But they were led with a purpose and by passionate men such as Pastor John Robinson, Samuel Fuller, Peter Brown, and John Goodman.

Each of these people had their own story. Many of them left their wives and children at home and sought out to find new land. Later, their families joined them. The pilgrims faced many dangers including the cold and illness. Fuller taught himself to be a physician and spent his life taking care of others. Last year was the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower. We can learn many things from these stories and apply them to our own finances and our own life. We hope you have a great holiday!


Listen to the full episode for more details or skip around to certain topics. 

1:24 – The pilgrims

2:54 – Pastor John Robinson

5:20 – How did it come about?

7:02 – Let’s look at the people

10:38 – Samuel Fuller

12:19 – Peter Brown and John Goodman


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